Change log for PortiCast

Version 3.2.1

  • Pretty home page with tiles of many many colours
    For editors: Add a new menu called 'Home' and add to it like a normal menu. So there should now be three menus for the site 'Home', 'Main' and 'Top Menu'.
  • Fixed the sidebar which got shy...

Version 3.2

  • Slide show page! Used for showing... well slide shows...
    For editors: Use [slide][/slide] around each slide, which should be a picture (uploaded in the normal manor). These brackets can be placed using the visual editor. Then change the page template to 'Slide pack page'. Note - the whole slideshow will be loaded with the page, so split up large slide shows!
  • Hide/show sections!
    For editors: Use [showhide id='ID1'][/showhide] around each section to show and hide, which can be any content, remeber to use unique IDs. These brackets can be placed using the visual editor.
  • New front page, increase loading speed and more useful. Will soon have more added.
  • Cleaned out a lot of unneeded Javascript, minified a lot and updated jQuery. Should help loading times.

Version 3.1

  • Added easy admin login to all the seperate wordpress sites
  • Added extra packages and links on front pages

Version 3.0.0

  • Next button added to video
    For editors: Works off the last number in the title of the video, if no number is present then no buttons are shown
  • Background changed
  • Comments and ratings removed from video page
  • CSS improved for video page to remove lines etc and improve layout
  • Helpful links support added to both videos and normal pages
    For editors: A helful links section can be found on the edit screen for each post. Links should be as titles of pages, in the format <>[title 1] <>[title 2] .
  • Descriptions for videos on YouTube are now automatically shown on the video page
    For editors: There is a checkbox to turn this feature off and use a manual description, due to descriotions from YouTube not including line breaks
    Descriptions are pulled from YouTube upto '---'
  • Super home page given a makeover and is now active
  • Automatic nav pages
    For editors: All menu pages (pages just with links to the next pages in the tree) should use the 'nav page' template. Only a short description is needed, a script will add the links to the next items in the menu
  • Total views are now in sync with YouTube
  • Thumbnails are pulled from YouTube
  • Dynamic sidebar added which follows the window down the page
  • Other CSS improvements to improve the look and feel of the website
  • Various behind the scenes cutting, cleaning and updating of code

Version 2.0.0

  • New skin added, changing both layout and colour scheme of the website
  • Both menu bars switched to user made menus
  • Puzzle game and quotes added
  • Many media and sharing options removed (not nessacary for this type of website)
  • Standard pages cleaned up
  • Adverts removed
  • Various code updates to a new wordpress version

Version 1.0.0

Original theme by Templatic (evidence can be found in code), although the orginal looked nothing like the current 'Video' theme on their website... so not sure!