Split Tool

Split is a function that allows the user to divide the body according to the surface or plane that is chosen.
One side of the split will be kept and the other side will be removed. In this tutorial, we will be using a surface to split our Body.

To begin, construct a Surface. This surface can be any shape you desire. In this tutorial we will use an inverse pyramid.

Next place the surface in the body where you would like to split it. The body can be of any shape, in this tutorial we will demonstrate this function with a cube.

Now click on the Split Icon

Click on the Surface as the splitting element. You will see that an orange arrow appear on the surface. Clicking on the arrow allows you to choose which part to keep. In this case we are keeping the lower part of the cube. Hit ok when you are done.

After hitting ok, you have successfully split the body. However the surface used to split the body will still be visible. Hide the Geometrical set to get a neater Body.