Split Tool

The shell tool is in the “Dress-Up Feature” toolbar, and looks like this;

The shell tool effectively empties a 3D object and makes it a shell with a user defined thickness. A pre-requisite is a 3D padded solid, to which the shell tool can be applied. Create a similar part to this;

Once this is done, select the shell tool. A dialogue box will appear from which the thickness of the walls can be controlled and the faces that will be removed can also be selected.

Once you press ok, the shell will be created and will appear on the tree;

There are some issues that you could face with this tool on CATIA. If the thickness is larger than half the width of the object, then the shell will self-intersect and CATIA cannot cope with it. The shell will not be made, and a series of error messages will pop-up. Also, very complex geometries sometimes cause problems. You have been warned…