Multi-Section Solid Tool

To use the Multi Section Solid Tool you must first be familiar with the Plane tool.

Some initial planes have been created below to demonstrate the use of the Multi Section Solid tool:

Sketch a shape on each plane and add points to each one. The points will have to be roughly aligned along the shape you want to create. In this case they have been added along the top of each circle:

Click the Multi-Section Solid tool icon:

You will then be required to select each section and closing point that applies to that section (the point you created earlier) consecutively. In this example the selection would be in this order: first circle, first point, second circle, second point etc. Once that has been completed, click OK:

The shape should now be generated:

The example used in this tutorial is a simple one; for more accurate and controlled designs, spine or guides are required to “force” the path of the multi section solid.