Hole Tool

The Hole tool creates a hole through a 3D object e.g. a padded sketch.

To begin using the using this feature, create a surface that you desire:

Click on the Hole icon:

Once you’ve done this, select the top plane of your pad as the reference. The following dialogue box should appear::

In the Extension tab, the depth and diameter of the hole can be specified. An offset can be introduced for extra clearance if required.

By using the positioning sketch tool, the hole position can be specified. The white asterisk represents the centre of the hole, which can be moved and constrained as you would normally in sketch mode. Under the “Type” tab a variety of holes can be selected, such as “simple”, “counterbored” and “countersunk”.

Finally, under the Thread Definition tab, a threaded hole can be created. In the thread definition section, under “Type”, standard threads can be selected. After the details have been entered, press ok and a hole will be created. The helical thread detail will not appear on the part, which is common to almost all CAD packages. It is good practice to chamfer the hole to remove the top thread. Without the chamfer, it is possible that the first part of the thread can be pulled and damaged when the male thread is tightened. The chamfer should be ØT x 90° where T is the thread diameter: