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New Simulation

Creates a new simulation

Load Simulation

Opens an existing simulation


Saves all the simulations you have open


Copies the object you selected to the clipboard


Pastes the object you previously copied from the clipboard to the active area

Play Macro

Plays your already existing macro

Start Recording

Starts a recording a new macro you wish to create

Pause Recording

Pauses the recording of the macro you are recording

Stop Recording

Stops recording the macro

Import Surface

Imports ‘surface data’ for generating a mesh. Basically imports an object from your cad software.

Launch Surface Repair

When you import an object to Star CCM+, it might not import perfectly and that would affect the mesh, so this tool can be used to fix that. It can also be used to create areas/surfaces of interest such as inlets and outlets.

Clear Generated Meshes

Clears all previously generated meshes in Star CCM+.

Initialise Meshing

Creates an initial surface mesh on the model

Generate Surface Mesh

Starts generating a surface mesh

Generate Volume Mesh

Starts generating a volume mesh

Initialise Solution

Initialises the solution. During solution initialization, each model that is activated in the simulation is instructed to allocate storage for its solution data. The data is then set according to the specified initial values for the model.


Carries out one complete iteration and then stops.


Iterates until it fulfils the number of steps set by the user.

Stop Iterating

Stops iterating

Create or Open Scenes

Allows you to create or open a scene of your choice.

Reset View

Restores the view to a zoom factor such that the model takes up most of the display.


Rotates the view around a focal point that your most recent mouse click in the display sets.

Rubberband Zoom

Allows you to zoom to a specific area in the display by clicking two points that define the opposing corners of the zoomed area.

Save-Restore-Select views

Opens a drop-down menu that allows you to set, save or restore a view.

Previous View

Reverses the latest change to the view.

Next View

Repeats a change that was subjected to the Previous View command.

Make Scene Transparent

Makes all parts transparent so that you can see all of them from any angle, and overrides the opacity settings of all the displayers in the scene.

Plane Section

Allows you to create a plane section derived part, which is normal to the view, by clicking two points in the display.

Measure Distance

Allows you to measure a distance.

Play or Pause animation in active scenes

This toggles between playing the scene animation and pausing it.

Stop Animation in Active Scene

This stops the animation in the scene.

Single Step Animation Backwards in Active Scene

Goes backwards in the animation by 1 frame.

Single Step Animation Forwards in Active Scene

Goes forward in the animation by 1 frame.

Write a movie of the animation in open scene

Records the animation onto a video file.

Rubberband select

Selects a specific area in the display by clicking two points that define the opposing corners of the area. Press to cancel.

Zone select

This lets you draw a zone by clicking and dragging to create a series of connected points. Objects within that zone are selected. Press to cancel.

Selection Filter

Provides options for selecting volumes, surfaces, or curves with either the rubberband or zone tool