Assembly Glossary



Active Component

A certain component of the product that is the in work object i.e. currently being edited. The part name will be highlighted in the specification tree.

Angle Constraint

A constraint that defines the angle between 2 geometric elements.

Bill of Material

Data list about properties of components contained in the active component.

Child Component

Component derived from another component

Coincidence Constraint

A constraint used to coincide 2 elements


A part in an assembly. It has characteristics about how it is integrated in an assembly.


A geometrical or dimensional relation between geometric elements of components.

Contact Constraint

A constrain used to stick two surfaces together

Fixed Component

A component with no degree of freedom - locked into its position and orientation.

Leaf Component

Last component at the end of each branch of the specification tree.


Freehand translation or rotation of a component using a mouse.

Offset Constraint

A constraint used to define the distance between 2 geometric elements.

Parent Component

A component from which child components are derived from.


A 3D entity imported from Part Design.


A 3D entity containing several components / parts, also know as an assembly


Product or part with its own characteristics


Projects a geometry element onto another one.


An assembly contained within another assembly.


Bring up to date the assembly; will include any changes made to components and relationship between components.